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Originally Posted by case12 View Post
Shelby Amercian Automotive Club (SAAC) has now added the GT/California Special to their site due to the Shelby and Little Red heritage of our cars!!!!!

I know some people aren't into SAAC and I dont mean to imply everybody should be. But, I was always hoping SAAC would some day recognize our unique car for its Shelby heritage and now it has happened. Rich Kopek, SAAC Director, was the first one to post. I added a few things too.

This is another cool way for our cars to be associated and become known by the public - first it was MCA taking a big interest in us and even changing their judging rules for us, and now by SAAC taking interest in us.

It's neat to mingle with the Shelby folk and read some of their inputs too - especially as the GT/CS uses the exact same parts as the 68 Shelby (remember, from the blueprints I found online a few years ago).

Anyway, if it's your kind of thing, go check it out:

Thanks, Casey
Does this mean that they will add the GT/CS registry to their other registries, and will Paul then be the official SAAC GT/CS registrar?
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