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Originally Posted by Mosesatm View Post
I won't swear to this but I think the "5" transmission code on the data plate was for the wide-ratio toploader, and that was the only one offered on '68 Mustangs.

The close ratio transmissions didn't come out until 1969.
1969-71 Close ratio only on the 428CJ's, Boss9's, and 429CJ's.

1969 Either close or wide could be ordered on Boss 302, 351 engines, and 390IP.
Majority of the Boss 302's were close ratio, and 351's and 390-4V majority had wide ration 4 speeds.

1970 about an the same for the Boss 302 (mostly close ratio), 351's favored the close ratio top loader by a very small margin (because of the 351C introduction?).

1971 Wide ration toploaders only available on the 351's, including the Boss 351. Final year for the close ratio, and it was only available with any of the 429CJ engines.

I own a 1969 Cougar XR7 with 428 SCJ and 4 speed transmission (close ratio). I think because of the torqueness of the big block engines at most rpms, they can better utilize the 2.32 1st gear. I can honestly say, that 1st and 4th gear see more use than the other two gears. I seldom down shift into 3rd gear during most drives.
*Note - I converted to 3.25 ring and pinion gears from the original 4.30 gears.

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