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Hmm Arlie, the beast has a 325 rear end. I was thinking it had a close ratio top loader as I can go through the gears very quickly. It seams like 1st gear takes a lot of clutch slide to engage. BUt after I am in first its easy squzzey. The wife has commented in the past about how fast I shift though the gears.

IIRC from last summer, before it started to rain!!!!!!!! and has not stopped and I we were driving to Robs Brisket GT/CS BBQ, at 60 MPH I was turning 3K plus RPMs. It was a little too much RPMs IMO for a cruise RPM. But that was last year and the IIRC does not always work so well.

Jbart close ratio is a hoot to drive around town, If you are crusiing the hiway, I would go with the wide ratio.

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