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Originally Posted by John McGilvary View Post
Just wanted to know the reason why the new book updates will be posted only on the SAAC site ? SAAC seems to have a good site and IMO all mustangs are cool, but after all the information members of the CS site have contributed for the book, I think we are at least due updates.

Am I being unreasonable?

IMHO if the author of that book wants to limit the information to SAAC members; maybe the author doesnít want to sell the book to the members of this site. I donít know if thatís true but in the advertising business you normally advertise (inform) the people that you want to have as customers. Or maybe the author just hasnít got around to posting on this site because heís real busy completing the book.

Or maybe the author feels that the people who visit this site will buy just about any book that this author writes because he is the expert on California Specials.

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