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Does your engine have a steel intake or aluminum? 2 bbl or 4.
aLL hI-PO'S HAD THE 4BBL, dual point distributor, and a larger diameter alternator pulley.

What model carb does it have? I'm showing a 289 Hi-Po carb id of DOPF-V part number C40Z-9510-G? Just throwing out ideas.
k-code exhaust manifolds right hand c5zz-9430-b, lrft hand c30z-9431-b
water pump c50z-8501-a

Unless you are planning on rebuilding your engine anyway, I would not tear it apart just to find out. It really boils down to just how bad do you want to know. I don't know if any of these numbers will work for you but it's a far cry from tearing your motor apart.
Good Luck
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