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Originally Posted by bish View Post
I'm a member of that site too, it's too bad that Paul had to take a "shot" at this forum in one of his posts and it's sad that he has alienated himself from the true enthusiasts of the GT/CS, now IMHO he's looking for the SAAC boys to pad his ego, I wish him well.
Hi Bish - sometimes personalities do have effect on forums.

What I am excited about is the fact of SAAC embracing the GT/CS. I think new value will be added from that relationship, since the history in 1968 was so intertwined between the Shelby and GT/CS. I am looking foward to new inputs from the SAAC people.

When we worked with MCA on a number of projects to further recognize the GT/CS, we made some good friends there and we learned a lot from each other (ex; look at what value Jeff Speagle brings to us about the San Jose built cars - and he is an MCA head judge).

At the same time, I enjoy our GT/CS discussions here too, and love taking my car out for a spin and getting the thumbs up. It's all part of the GT/CS experience. Thanks, Casey

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