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This is really great. I like this "instant" help and resource to help me out (believe me, I am so swamped with work right now).

A few questions to the '07 owners:

1. would you be satisfied with only the six-digit sequence number on the plaque?

2. I need to check, but they build all current Mustangs at Flat Rock only? That way, we wouldn't need the factory code.

3. I don't think we need the engine code, since they all have the GT V-8.

4. Any other info, or (" GT/CS unique") numbers you'd like to see on the plaque?
We can begin with a prefix, then the six digit sequence number. Like this:
GT/CS Reg. 07 - XXXXXX

How's that? I know some of you like the die-cut plaque they used for the Shelby, they are expensive to make. The '06 "California Edition" they made for No. Calif. had a simple rectangular plaque, which I think is more subtle. There are some stock shapes for plaques like this, being square, rectangular, and oval. I think an oval one would mimick the Ford logo, as well as look unique for the GT/CS, and people would know immediately from that shape on the dash (which would distinguish it from the usual car show plaques). I also think that gold (brushed brass) with black lettering, would look more "California", being the Golden State, and it would match the decals for the windows.

thanks again!! Paul.
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