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Re:Rita update from Houston

I think an essential question is with what type of water.
If it's salt water a complete restoration would be the only way to save your car (providing you want it to last through the years). The salts in the water would corrode and short out your electrical system. They would also start eating your frames and body parts from the inside out. Salt water submersion would be the worst case scenerio as any part made of metal will start rusting.
Fresh water is a different story
Depending on how far under it goes and for how long it was under:
Pull carpets, seats and underlayment.
Take a hair dryer to the under dash areas.
Replace all fluids in engine, tranny and rear end.
Replace wheel bearings.
Grease front end and u-joints.
Remove all rubber plugs to air out and let frames dry.
If the Master cylinder went under replace brake fluid.

After doing all this run the car at idle and bring it up to running temp. This will remove any moisture from the inside of your engine etc. After warmed up carefully take it for a slow drive untill all moving parts have had a chance to come up to temp.

Most of these items are the same things you would do after pulling a GT/CS out of 20 years of storage. The airing out process would be added.

If you had a buddy or aqaintance with a heated paint booth, you could always bake your car at about 150 for a few hours. That would really help remove the moisture from the places you don't have access to.

I'm sure I missed something but this would be a start.

I once had a V-8 boat engine get water in it. (whole nuther story)
We changed the oil and filter, dried the distributor and fired it up. After a few minutes stopped the engine and looked at the oil and it was carmel in color. Fired it back up and let it run idle to operating temp and the water went away. I'm sure we could have flushed the system a few more times but were young and didn't know better. That engine ran fine after that and seemed to have no ill effects.

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