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2005 Registry Update Thread

I'm wrapping up my other book project this week, and am NOW ready to dive into the new 2005 GT/CS Registry Book project.

This book will be the compilation of both the 1988 and 1996 books, with some great new items--along with some "secret goodies" that I'm sure you'll all like!

What I need to know is: What would YOU like to see in this book?? Every idea or suggestion is encouraged. Service parts and procedures? More concours info? History? Recognition?

I will be listing the cars in the registry, (name, VIN, Door Tag info) with boxes checked (or not) for "concours/driver/custom/orig. owner, etc. and if a copy of the invoice, window sticker and/or Marti report in included. I will also mention if it's won any trophies or awards.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions--

This thread (sticky?) will keep you posted on the book's progress. Target date for completion is Fall 2005.

Paul M. Newitt
GT/CS Registrar

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