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Rob is a bit of a modified guy, so he has a different take. I think this car would be a hoot to drive and will have the cold start manners of a modern car. Better mileage a bit more power than a standard J code 302. If you want great drivability and like to travel around, this would be a cool car.

The biggest thing is paint of course. We have a guy up her in the Bremerton area that would put a quality complete on this car in the $5k range. with that the rest of the small stuff can be done by a knowledgeable owner. If you do not have the talent to do some of this stuff yourself, be prepared to be in it for $20k to $25k with these items and the paint finished. $25k is a bit much for the car in my opinion, but in the high teen to $20k range it has some real potential IMO.

The real question is to have a knowledgeable third party look at this car. The ad says done right, but an inspection would reveal a lot. I have been around a lot of cars that look great, but need that final finishing in tuning, steering, braking, and overall drivability. A car ready to drive anywhere with a pleasant experience to be had. A third party with mechanical and body/paint knowledge.

All that said, Arlie is not far off. For me with the aces to this local painter, $15k would be my final offer. And I have the ability to finish the other stuff.

Or you can have Neil build one for you!!! His cars are second to none, but he may not do it much longer!!

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