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It has been a while since I did one of those. First remove the plastic switch then soak it in a 50-50 mix of transmission fluid and acetone for a few days. The tough thing about the drum brake one is you can only work from one side. Put it in a vice and using a punch lightly tap on the piston. Do not drive it in more than 1/16th then take the block by hand and pound it on a piece of soft wood the open end down. The pounding should move it outward. Repeat this process un till it move out far enough to pull it out with some needle nose pliers. Replace the seals and reinstall with the groove lined up with the switch plunger well. If you know some one with a ultra sonic parts cleaner I would clean it before reassembly. If it has been left open to the weather they can be all most impossible to get apart. I never tried it but if you rigged up a grease gun you might be able to pump it out. Good luck Marty

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