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Front End Alignment

Just FYI:

My steering was slightly "twitchy" at highway speeds. It almost seemed as if I had too much slop somewhere in the steering linkage (maybe a worn part, etc). But I checked that and it seemed that everything was as tight as it could be (for 1968 power steering technology). So I thought I'd check the alignment. The alignment was within the original Ford spec...

Original Ford spec:
Caster angle degrees
Limits: -3/4 to +1 1/4
desired: +1/4
Camber angle degrees, Left and Right
Limits:+1/4 to +1 3/4
Desired +1
Toe in , inch 3/16

But after doing a bit of research on the web I came across some different specs (from which have been mentioned/suggested on different mustang forums as better specs for use with radial tires:

Spec from Dazecars:
Please align to these specs ď1967-1970 Mustang, Falcon & Cougar Performance Alignment with or without UCA dropĒ.
These specifications are in order of importance.
1. NO more than .25 degrees difference between driverís side and passengerís side.
2. +2.0 to +3.5 degrees caster.
3. -.5 to 0 degrees camber. No positive camber, please. There is no problem having a slight variation from driverís side to passengerís side to account for the crown in the road.
4. 1/16" to 1/8Ē toe in

So, I did an alignment to these specs. Specifically:
Caster: +3.5*
Camber: -0.25*
ToeIn: 1/8"

The steering is much better. The feeling of excess play is gone. It comes pretty close to feeling like a modern car. One note, evidently as you increase the caster angle on a manual steering car, turning the steering wheel at slow speeds becomes more difficult. But with power steering there is very little difference.

Just thought I pass this on....

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