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Originally Posted by PNewitt View Post
Since I experienced a GT/CS rescue in person lately...It occurred to me that perhaps we could form some sort of network to help other owners that are in need, whether on the road, or at home, during some sort of "emergency".

I do realize that this website already provides a lot of information to folks--some in immediate need.

I was thinking of some sort of way members could call each other in a dire moment. I'm not sure how this would be done, or if it's even feasible or possible, but I wanted to throw this idea out and see where it may go.

I just know that as these cars age, more things can go wrong on the road. I think we should talk about some serious preventative maintenance for trips, but we have a LOT of cumulative knowledge of when something like a water pump, or oil pump will go out...or the time frame a headlight switch will last, etc...

Any ideas?? (as an extreme example I heard that the SAAB club has this "overnighter" thing between owners to stay at other owner's homes...which I think is interesting, but a little odd (and a bit much)).

Just wondering what your thoughts on this might be. I'm not asking anyone to compromise their privacy, but some may be open to providing "sanctuary" and help for lost CS souls???

p.s. maybe make this a "National Classic Mustang Rescue Squad", through MCA, and provide members with a roster of those willing to help??? Heck, I'd even design a window decal & patch for those willing to participate.
...I think it's a great idea that has been loosely implemented in the past within our group. Some formalization within the membership would indeed be outstanding, although I'm not sure if I would personally want to handle all of MCA if it got that big.

For example: It was pure "good fortune" that Amy was able to coordinate w/ you and you with Ron as you did. I would hate to think of what could've happened... But perhaps when a member plans such an ambitious trip in the future - they post it here (on a special "sticky") where others in the path can provide cell #s, boarding, who has car trailers, etc... and remain somewhat on call.

I welcome any and all GT/CS members for boarding, special events, rescue, and in one case - a place to perform major repairs and have hosted five to date. I (like virtually everyone here) would gladly go to the rescue if called. The network you propose would indeed make that alot more efficient w/ awareness that someone is on the road.

Great idea socially as well!

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