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Thanks for the information.

I just came from looking at the car. The Seal on the radiator was added and just comes right off. The Cowl Hood seal is all new and held on with the actual replacement (Plastic) clips from Mustang Plus.
The car is an original Metal car. I could not see a patch panel or floor patch anywhere. All of the brackets for the Fog Lights are there. It has the pedestal Fog Lamps now but also has brackets for Grill Mounted.
He said the grill was not changed when he did the resto and that he thought that the Pony was in he trunk when delivered so they put it on. He has a letter from Ford stating California Special Package and has ordered the Marti Report. He alos has a California Title from the previous owner and their numbers and I am trying to contact them now.
Interior was also new when the did the resto. They said that when they stripped the car the only Rust was the battery tray which was replaced. The Paint looks like Glass and straight as an arrow.
An other info you can give would be helpful.
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