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Originally Posted by ViCatz View Post
Hi Guys
Thanks for the comments.
I am not computer savvy enough to pdf this but if someone else could maybe they would post a link?
As is right now you can select "file" from drop down menus (MS OS) and select "save as"
OR you can select "Control and A" which means select all and then control C which is COPY and then paste it to a word or other document. ( control V)
The article was written in the hopes that guys with great FoMoCo products from 60s and even 70s would benefit.
I'm happy to hear that at least two guys found it beneficial.
Especially regarding vacuum adv or lack there-of and choke and carb settings.
These are easy settings to make and I hope the article makes easy sence of it for the novice or pro.
I converted it. It's 900K so it's too large to post here. Anyone that has Adobe can right click on the web-page and print (save) it to Adobe. Or, if it's OK with ViCatz I can e-mail it to anyone who wants it.
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