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Re:Marti Report Issue


I ordered the deluxe report from Marti. My original report from him did not even state my car was an HCS. It did show the option of Cal. Special, but NOTHING at all about it being an HCS. Except the DSO of 51. After phoning Kevin Marti on the issue of no HCS listed on my report, I was in formed by him that "I got what I paid for and I should have asked specifically for that info. But, for an additional $12 he would do another report stating my car was 1 of 251 HCS produced in the stats box." When I originally sent the info to get my report I did not want to 'lead" them to as what car I had. (Kind of a test for Mr. Marti) I sent the VIN and door tag info so Marti Auto Works would tell me that I did indeed buy an HCS car. I thought that this report was to tell ME what my build options were. Not the other way around. ::) (My opinion) I did pay the additional money so my first $40 would not go to waste as I wanted that info on my report to begin with or I would not have ordred the deluxe report. By the way, my car was also built on June 20, 1968. Twelve days ahead of schedule. Hope this info is some help to you.

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