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Re:Marti Report Issue

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My California Special was also built on June 20th. My car has a 65 DSO it came here to Oklahoma City. My Marti report shows it was built 13 days ahead of schedule. Door tag shows July 3. I was wondering what your production number is, mine is 68,338. Your date is the only car that I have seen with the same build date.


I just wish Marti Motorworks would list the HCS statistics, that would be nice to see those numbers on the report.

Oh, my Mustang is #66,933 for 1968.

Serialized on 06/06/68
Bucked on 06/17/68
Scheduled for build on 06/21/68
Built on 06/20/68
Released on 06/22/68
Sold on 07/18/68

I see our numbers are a little off, but I bet that has something to do with the serialization date and the schedule for build date.

I have the owners manual with the sales and owner data typed in it stating who the owner, sold on 7/18/68 by Johnnie Harper Motors of Wheat Ridge Colorado.

Does anyone know where the buck tag is located?


P.S. I'm going to either mail or emaill a copy of my Marti Report to Bob Teets, and a copy of my Owners Manual information. Bob said my car was already in the registry, and he would just change owner names.
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