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Originally Posted by Midnight Special
...Dave, the rims are 14" chromed styled-steel w/ GT hub caps. The tires are Modifier 605 Steel Radials, P215/60R14 front and P245/60R14MS rear. I couldn't tell (at midnight) if the rims are aftermarket or not, but they are of excellent quality. I bought the car much as you see it, but spent another $3K having the entire underside redone. It was obviously built to go stoplight to stoplight w/ 3:88 gears and very (too) low profile, but its 3,500 rpm at 55 mph was hardly practical. I installed a 3:08 Posi, Sway bar, new balanced drive shaft, raised all fours 1.5", rebuilt the trans, all new front end suspension and 4 new springs... I'm now having a hard time keeping within classic car insurance criteria for wanting to drive it all the time :-)
Thank you Tim, I was asking because I like, and have, the factory style steel wheels on mine now but I would like to go with a wider wheel, maybe a 14" x 8" or even a 15" x 8".
I think Donna is right, it looks like what you have is a wheel from "Specialty Wheel" because of the all chrome rim instead of the trim ring.
I'm seriously thinking about going with with their wheel because you can get several widths and I like the chrome rim.

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