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Re:2008 Route 66 GT/CS Drive?

I do not own a CS, but lurk on this board everyday. So far no CS has come my way that fits the bill. Anyway, I am an avid Mustang nut and also just finished my term on the Board of Directors of the Il. Route 66 Association. We do a tour every year of Rt. 66 from Chicago to St. Louis each summer - usually 200plus cars and lasts two days. If you do in fact do this I will be happy to help in any way possible and feel confident that I can also offer the help of the Central Il. Mustang club to help in any way. If you are interested in this years tour the info should be available at the following website - . or write to Route 66 Association of Illinois, 2743 Veterans Parkway, Room 166 Springfeild, Il 62704. This years Motor Tour Chairman may be reached at or by phone at 708 389 3823. His name is John Miller. Hope that you all decide to do this - you will enjoy the 66 experience. Murf
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