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Fog switch bolt

I just went out and looked at the fog lamp switch on my GT/CS and see that I also have one of these "Sheet Metal" type bolts holding on my switch. I put a wrench on it to find that it is a 3/8" head. It looks to be the same type bolt that holds on the selenoid and the block to firewall ground starp on the firewall side.
A few years ago I went to a salvage yard and found a burnt up '68 GT. I went to pull the fog switch off but found it was too far gone and burnt.... but kept the mounting bolt in storage... this is a completely different bolt and with a nut. The bolt is 3/8" but not the sheet-metal type screw. I'm not saying this was the original bolt... but is it possible they switched bolts or used a different bolt at the different assembly plants?

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