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Ford small block cylinder head info and specs

I was just catching up on a few threads and saw the one asking about putting on '66 289 heads on a '68 289 and remembered that I had two old scans I'd found last yr on the Carbd Ford Forums while doing some research that might be useful here. I apologize if I already posted these somewhere else here or if someone else has but this section is the best place for them and I didn't see anything like them here. They contain the casting numbers and yrs used and associated info like combustion chamber and valve sizes.

The first attached PDF is for the '62-'80 221ci-351Wci heads and the second one covers the '79-'00 302ci-351Wci heads.


**EDIT: Added the actual pics of the two scans from the Carbd Ford Forums below. You should be able to right click on each one and either save as or print to PDF if you have that ability or add to a Word doc and save, whatever suits your needs.


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