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Beware! eBay Lucas lamps NOT correct!

This guy had these on eBay a week or two ago as well... don't know if this is another set or if it's the same set. Anyway, they are NOT correct for the GT/CS or HCS.

To sum it up, I know because the lenses aren't ribbed and the covers are the later covers. Here is the letter I wrote him:


I just wanted to inform you that these lamps are not correct for the GT/CS or HCS Mustangs. I believe that you have a set of '69 Lamps, but I'm not sure. I am sure that these are incorrect for the above-mentioned Mustangs, and probably the '68 Shelby as well. They used the same lamps as the GT/CS and HCS. I know the lamps are incorrect because the correct '68 lamps have a "ribbed" lens (on the interior) with the logo, whereas the lenses on your lamps are smooth apart from the logo. I also know that the covers you have with them are later than '68 because I have a pair of those covers myself. The original GT/CS cars and HCS cars were not sold with covers at all, so you had to go find your own. Many people ended up with the later covers like your lamps come with. The '68 covers have a single clear indicator dot in the middle with the word "Lucas" inside two rounded boxes and the words "quartz halogen" below that.

Here is a photo of the correct '68 GT/CS, HCS, and (probably) Shelby lamp:

I am certain about this as far as the GT/CS and HCS is concerned. I'm sorry to break this news to you, but I don't want any of my fellow Mustangers disappointed. Of course, the lamps are probably correct for some other later models -- but I don't know which ones. I only know the '68 GT/CS and HCS. Anyway, thanks for listening. I would appreciate it if you removed the GT/CS and HCS applications from your item description.

Just a warning to you guys, lest you spend big money on incorrect (but nice) lamps!

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