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What is the Coolest Thing??

I am sure each one of us has a cool story to tell about driving or owning our cars. Thought it would be cool if we could share those memories of the most "coolest moment" or "coolest thing that happened".

Mine was having my daughter beg me to take her to school in the GT/CS. As we approached the school, the buses were all lined up to let the kids off the bus. We pull up to the "kid" drop off zone, she opens the door and gets out. By then, most of the kids and a few of the bus drivers are stopped dead in their tracks looking at the GT/CS. It was cool to drive away and have so much attention paid to the car.

Another is driving from one town to another with my brother in his cobra. As we cruise along, folks were driving like crazy to get along side of both of us to give us thumbs up and wave. It was a 30 min trip up and 30 min trip back but time well spent!!


GT/CS sold to "PonyGal" for trip back home to California
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