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Re:MCA officemanger

This kind of thing (frankly) is just plain stupid. No excuse for it.

I write two books (1988, 1996) on the GT/CS ('68 HCS), and there are STILL judges out there that don't know "you-know-what from Shinola"...about these cars.

Will someone either copy the concours pages from my 1996 Registry for these guys meeting in Pa.? (or let me know where to send a copy??) Those rules and concours guidelines I wrote are among the best by any registry--for how to judge a particular type of mustang.

I've had a burr under my saddle with MCA about this for a long time. They have told me that it doesn't deserve a class in shows, since it wasn't available nationally. Go figure.

I really appreciate all of you out there who are "fighting the good fight" about GT/CS and HCS recognition--especially at these shows. Keep me, and all of us posted on how this pans out. I'll help in any way I can.

Thanks, Paul.
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