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Attented the Hershey show and was deducted points for my stripes >:(. So I wrote the MCA the question about it ( that was a AACA function) and here is the reply from MCA. The Gt stripes could be put on by a dealer,(many were) however to prove they came on the car it needs to be a GT, pure & simple.Those are the only ones that came with Gt strips. Keep in mind that the Mustang in general is a production car, and were built that way, so there are many things that have appeared over the years that have no way of being proven they came on the car. I also judge for AACA, and in my opion if your car is a Gt the stripes are OK if not then a deduction is in order for the purest AACA. As to the Lucas lights, I know of NO 68 Mustangs that came with Lucas lights. Maybe I shouldn't mention his name but I will (Chuck Micele). Well what do you think of it. ::) ::)
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