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Don't take me wrong on this--I understand how things like clubs and opinions can be very subjective.

But what is frustrating is how rules can affect how a car is restored--to the point of changing things TO the rules, and not as they were found on (an original, untouched) car; just to win points.

What this does is water down authenticity, and conforms to (sometimes) unaware, and subjective thinking on the part of those who write the rules (for any club).

I will do my best to provide the best information about this select group of Mustangs, produced from Feb-July 1968 at the San Jose (Milpitas) Ford Plant.

As a side note, I feel that MCA has had waay too much time to correct things like antennas and factory variations, and that this should have been resolved a long time ago. The other descrepency is even with good information, there are judges that don't (& won't) pay attention to details, have biases, and are not consistent with what they know or don't know.

This is why the next registry book will have concours guidelines that are researched in detail. My expectation is that we are the BEST group of Mustangs to compete seriously at car shows-- and to win. When people see a GT/CS (or HCS), they'll know that it's an accurate Mustang, and the flagship for all 68's. We WILL be the most informed about San Jose-produced 1968 Mustangs! Who else, but "us" knew about the reflector change date, or about the pads on the dash, etc.

One more thing--take those assembly manuals and Ford documents about production with a grain of salt. Parts changed midstream along the production line all the time.

Paul N.
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