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Today I completed the installation of the Maier Racing sub-frame connectors, and the Calvert Racing traction bars and 90/10 shocks. I set the below Firestone Firehawk 295 50R 15's to 18 pounds of air pressure. Roads were dry, but temperature was only 50 degrees. Heated them up with three nice burn outs with no clutch involvement. Crap, hit the 6,000 rpm rev limiter once. Tried some experimental launches with no clutch activity what so ever. Just 5 mile an hour stabs into the throttle...... No luck with traction.... First and second were comical. Third gear I actually got the rear end to plant enough to bring the front end up and plant the back end a bit. could feel tire shake a bit as the tires squirmed a bit!

Below is a pic of the tires on the floor. The Prestone container is 12 inches from the floor to the top of the black cap for reference..... I guess sand bags are next before I go to drag radials....


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