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I think the vintage GT/CS get a lot of new recognition outside the west coast now that the new GT/CS are out. People have now heard of the new ones, and when they see a vinatage one and find out the GT/CS has history, they get interested real fast. Also, I think the new GT/CS get into the older ones because it gives them a legacy - sorta like a new bullitt or mach1. It is neat to have a car built from a legacy (especially when there are so many other mustang variants out there with anyone who is in the car world putting their name on one to sell it for more). The new GT/CS have a true Ford legacy of 40 years......not part of a myriad of "new name" Mustangs. (although I do like a Foose Mustang, or a Parnelli Mustang, or a Shelby Mustang, or a Rousch Mustang, or a Terlingua Mustang, or a Saleen Mustang, or a ........)

In summary I think the new GT/CS and the vintage GT/CS benefit each other, respect each other and the legacy connection makes us all one family.....


1968 GT/CS on cover and featured article, "Gold Rush", in Mustang Times, February 2006
1966 Convertible featured article, "Sweet '66' ", in Mustang Times, January 2008
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