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As a new comer to the GT/CS world I can't understand why when a nice GT/CS comes up for sale in the $30,000 dollar range that is looked on as huge money.but looking at the Shelby ,Boss market which is way up !I think the CS's are a deal .Is it because they don't have the racing history of a Boss or Shelby ? I paid $4000 for my 390 X-code CS it needs a complete ground up but it is a complete running car.But I have second thoughts about sinking the money into the car.What do you guys think a car like this with a nice resto and fully detailed undercarriage is worth.
They don't have the same history and they aren't as well known--outside of our group. I think your purchase was a steal by the way. You never make money on a resto if you do the work right and then sell it right away. If you have someone do the work you're even further behind. You have to do it for the love of it or hang on to it for a while till prices catch up. If you decide you don't want to do yours, let me know.


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