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What is our place in the Mustang World?

I posed this question to see what your thoughts are about the GT/CS, and where it fits in the grand picture of the Mustang world, overall.

We know that the '68 version was "Inspired by the Shelby GT". yet it still draws attention on it's own as a stand-alone Mustang. It always gets that bit of unique attention at car shows, even parked next to new Corvettes, or high-end sports cars.

The late models are about to find their niche right now, if not very soon! It's not a Shelby GT, or GT-500, nor it is a Saleen, nor Roush, nor Steeda, etc.

It's a GT/CS. California Inspired. Unique.

We can add any performance item under the hood that the other variants have, and compete with the best. Joe's CS is a perfect example. With both versions, we can have just about anything under the hood, and not advertise, because there are no cubic inches emblems on the fenders. A bit if a "sleeper" element there... to our advantage. would you define "our place in the Mustang world" for the GT/CS, new, and/or original???

Thank you for your comments,

Paul N.
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