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I posted this back in December when Casey was buying up the blueprints on ebay:

Casey, I also appreciate your acquiring this history for us GT/CS and HCS enthusiasts. Thanks very much.

Not sure it has been previously mentioned, but AO Smith produced the frames and fiberglass bodies for the 60's Corvettes. According to one Corvette history book that I own, Chevrolet phased out the body build and assembly by AO Smith at the end of the Corvette's 1967 production year (interesting timing).

I also read somewhere that AO Smith produced a large percentage of all Car frames back then and were impacted when the Car companies started moving to unitized construction.

There are a lot of corvette experts. I suggest the following:

Try to contact Noland Adams. He published a book "The Complete Corvette Restoration and Technical Guide - Vol 2 1963-1967." This book is very often referred to within the Corvette C2 circles.

Also, ask some questions on the Corvette C2 forum, there are a bunch of very knowledgable enthusiasts -
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