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A sad day for me, I put my car to bed for the winter. I thought I would list what steps I took for future readers of this topic. Thank you to all who offered the great advice.

I cleaned the car, filled the tank with non-ethanol premium and used Startron brand fuel stabilizer. (I use this in all my non over the road engines year round)

Changed the oil.

32 psi in the tires.

Disconnected the battery (fortunately Neil put a battery disconnect on it, thanks Neil) and put it on a trickle charger.

Parked the car on four plastic flooring pieces to keep the tires off the concrete.

Covered it with a California Car Cover Dustop cover.

Installed a ceiling fan in my garage to keep the moisture out.

The good news is the local town I live nearby had it's annual Halloween event yesterday 10/28 which included a car show at a local body shop. We have had a great run of warm sunny weather and yesterday it was in the 60's and sunny. There were about 100 cars entered, nice turnout for late October in eastern Washington State. I enjoyed the show and then took my car for one last drive up the highway and got all the fluids up to temp for the last time. Topped off the fuel tank on my way home, grinning all the way
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