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Originally Posted by hatchdog View Post
Thanks everybody for your advice. A few follow up questions/thoughts.


In your opinion would I be better served if I store my car in my standard residential garage? It's your typical wood framed wood sheeted asphalt shingled attached garage and it's not insulated or heated. Unfortunately our daily driver is also parked in there which will drag snow and rain water into the garage. I can keep the water swept out as much as possible but I will never be able to remove all. However I would have had the same problem in my shop as my snow plowing/blowing equipment is stored in there and no mater how hard I try I can't remove all the snow when done.


Spokane County uses Magnesium Chloride on our roads as an ice melt and man is it corrosive. Last year it caused some scaling on the concrete pad in front of our garage from visitors parking there. No way am I going to drive my Mustang on that stuff.

Question, why do you recommend parking my tires on wooden blocks or vinyl? I'm fine with doing this but just wondering?

I really like that inflatable cover Rob suggested but I just invested $230.00 in a California Cover so I'll give that a try. Fortunately a local station sells non-ethanol premium which is what I run in the car anyway but I will add stabilizer too. I think I will leave the battery in the car on a trickle charger and start and run it every month.

Thanks again for your replies and please don't hesitate to say more!
I would keep it in you garage and sweep out the water. Get a large box fan and let it circulate the air when the floor was wet. I would leave it on all night. You guys have a dry climate so the humidity is very low. Your daily driver will like the extra care and company!!


And it is closer to protect and care for her. And drive her on a nice day
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