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An uninsulated metal building can be susceptible to condensation an sweating. This means drips on your car. The lists above look good, but I would always used a fuel stabilizer and even but Heet moisture absorber in your fuel. If possible you may have a fuel outlet with non-ethanol fuel. That would be the best thing. Do like Stephen does and run the car and drive it for a short stint if possible on decent days.

You may consider this.

This is the ultimate in keeping your car fresh without a climate controlled garage. It has a fan and dehumidifier stuff and for the price is good insurance. A car in a cold uninsulated garage will suffer from rust on unpainted surfaces. I stored one of my cars for one winter in a cold garage and the trim rings around the pedals turned brown!! And any aluminum surfaces will oxidize. Such as your alternator. Moisture hates aluminum. Especially inside your carburetor.

E-Washington is a lot drier in the winter than in the West. That may help.

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