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Originally Posted by Mustanglvr
Hey Stacy, I do genealogy research too. Do you do it professionally or for your own ancestors?
Hi Rhonda!

I don't do genealogy professionally, but the genealogy I did was on my grandmother's side. She was an adoptee and she tried for years to find more about her biological mother. She had 3 letters that were about 60 years old that she kept as her only link to her biological side. 2 of them were dead ends, but the 3rd one, I nick name it as the "rosetta stone" hit pay dirt. During the whole process in searching, I learned alot on how to do genealogy research for adoptees. Believe me, it was definitely a learning experience. By the time I somewhat finished (not entirely done) I have a album full of photos and documents on her biological side, including a photo of her half brother she never seen. If we plan on discussing more about genealogy, I'd suggest we start a thread on the non-CS related section of this forum, so that we don't end up going off on a tangent, so this way we can keep the subject on the historical background of our CS's focused.

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