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Historical back ground,..

Originally Posted by GTCSMustang

Getting the original dealer to help doesn't work very often, but sometimes it does. It often depends on how helpful they WANT to be. It's best to try to find a "real" car person at the dealership that can somewhat relate to what you are trying to do. And showing up at the dealership in person is the best approach. Take pictures of the car too. About a year ago I purchased a Shelby Mustang. I went to the origanl selling dealership In Ohio (I live in CA) and met with the son of the owner of the dealership. He not only remembered the Shelby being delivered in 1968, but had a stack of paperwork on the car. I got the shipping invoice from Shelby Automotive, bank paperwork from where the dealership had financed the car, letter from Shelby Automotive releasing the car to the dealership for sale (and envelope), bill-of-lading from the company that delivered the car to the dealership, pre-delivery service sheet, templates for mounting the front license plate bracket, and most importantly, the sons personal recollection of the car and what all the paperwork meant. You never know until you ask, but be prepared to be dissapointed. I've gotten some incredible stuff from original owners too. But first you have to find them.

Good luck,

Thankyou for the good advice! Believe me, I've had alot of practice of running into dead ends. When I did alot of genealogy, I had alot of that. Just by getting alittle tid bit here and there is a nice little treat for me.

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