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Check out these beauties!* 1 and 5/8 to 1 3/4 diameter step headers from Ford Powertrain Applications for the Ford "Z" high port heads, Boss 351 based 460 CI. crate motor.* Max ground clearance and a prototype for my 1967 Mustang.* Where else can you find a supplier that is willing to build specific headers for the new configurations of these new motors for vintage Mustangs?* Highest quality and best fit!* Stan Johnson is a niche builder of vintage Ford headers.* Check out his site and get quality stuff for your specific build.* These headers are for my application, but they will fit many others.* Stan bleeds Ford blue and don't ask him for other brands.* He has his hands full keeping us Ford owners happy!* There are very few custom builders these days, and he has a full line of proven applications for many Ford engine swaps and applications.* This header should show up soon on his site for others to use.* I will post pictures of them installed soon.* I get nothing from promoting this good friend of mine other than the satisfaction of hooking up other Ford owners to the best in header design for their vintage Ford.


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