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Originally Posted by BroadwayBlue View Post
I just finished reading it myself. I'll try to scan it in later.

Nice car!!

History in the article was pretty accurate. A few things were off but much more accurate than some other articles I've read.

The 2 things I noted were they said Marchal/Lucas lights were dependent upon supply and they made it sound like 4118 CS's and 251 HCSs

More important though a GREAT looking car all around. Congrats to Joel.
Yes, AND Brad B. has been writing long enough (and I do know him) to know that checking for currant numbers and other data like the Lucas statement is as close as logging on this site and/or calling Paul or myself to get the currant "skinny" on #'s etc. This type of stuff really bothers me as it leaves doubt and problems for all of us, like someone will question us owners and (as I've said before) say "I heard, I read , someone told me bla, bla, bla", then it's up to us all to correct them. Try buying a hardback from Barnes and Noble about Mustangs and we get authors, particularly from England, who print old outdated facts from other books. One would think these guys would do their own homework and that's exactly what the publishers should demand from them. I'm done, Bob here.
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