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Looks like original sealer for the firewall and that a PO sparyed over everything with a glossy black rattle can some time int he past

The firewall section of the engine compartment was sealed to keep the water, fumes and elements out of the interior compartment. This was a common issue with dealers and owners so Ford in 67 started to increase the amount of sealant and the type of product they were applying at the plants

This was applied after everything was installed through and to the firewall except the engine ground wire (it was still attached just to the engine. Things like the master cylinder, heater, brake lines every electrical junction, wire and plug was installed.

I would reproduce the look of the original using your pictures as a guide. You can just overcoat it with some more product. Of course you can remove it all if your modifying the car or building a hot rod and live with the possible leaks and smells

Your car - your call

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