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Re:Taillight restoration

This is very good information, however, I am wondering about the contact being consistent between the bulb sockets and the (repainted) housing.

If the contact surfaces of both the sockets and housing are cleaned, I think there might be something like a .010" (ten-thousanths) gap between the two. Some of those original sockets can lose their original diameter if they are cleaned by grinding or sanding off 30+ years of heavy oxidation.

The housings' socket holes can also lose their original diameter if the inside surfaces are cleaned too heavily, or if there is so much oxidation, etc., that needs to be removed. Chemical pitting of the potmetal can make electrical contact problems. I'm wondering if the housings' socket holes would be made a bit "oval" by use of a punch sightly tapped on the backside -- or -- to make the sockets a bit oval towards the back of the socket housing, to make a tight fit into the housings.

Did you test the conductivity of all six sockets? How do they work? The biggest problem is the "ground" connection. I've seen some people put jumper wires from the housing to the ground wire from the harness.

What about adding solder to the sockets after they are installed?

In any case--this is what's going into the book -- a good, simple rebuild solution.

Paul N.

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