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I'm coming, and would believe that ANYONE interested in Mustangs would enjoy the 'car show'. If there were to be an overflow as far as lunch is concerned, (giving the C/S and HCS members preference) I'm sure there are adequate places to eat in the immediate area. And still enjoy the gathering for what it is intended. Beautiful Mustangs are a joy to behold, regardless of origin. Parking may indeed be a problem, but let's try to make everyone feel welcome and do the best we can. My 2 cents worth!

That's perfectly fine, it's just that the GAS parking lot will be for the 25 GT/CS cars we know about. If other Mustangers want to come, they should know that there may not be a place to park nearby, and that the luncheon is for us. The Galpin Restaurant is more than happy to serve anyone who wants to come there (about a block away).

I'd be very happy to see anyone else who wants to come. Sure!!

This is our day.

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