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hi there,

i found out about this event from another forum and proceeded to post it on the forums i actively belong and participate ... in the appropriate section of course (GT/CS) and i was unaware that registration was necessary ... i went to the GAS site but all they had was the date and time... tonite i decided to take a peek here to see if i could find more info on it...
btw - i'm a not-so-new member ... i came across this site when i first got my GT/CS last august but thought it was only for the older CS's - thinking i didn't belong, i went somewhere else - ... anyways, ... read and browse the forum and thought - i just might belong! - if ya'll would have me... ... i'm also an active member of a couple of other forums (do come visit me @ and @ the BMC so i hope that'd be ok...

anyways, i'd like to RSVP for about 3 or 4 more GT/CS to attend the event this sat. ... pls. let me know if that's ok... and i look fwd. to meeting ya'll...

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