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2007 GT/CS vs. 1968 GT/CS Historic Racing Results

Joe De Los Santos and I met out at California Speedway today to drag race. As far as I know, this is the first time a 1968 California Special has raced against a 2007 California Special.

However, this race almost didn't happen...

Joe got to the track less than ten minutes before i did, somewhere around 6:45am. We were lined up in the parking lot waiting for our opportunity to buy a tech inspection card. When the line started to move, i hopped in my car and it would not start!

After a few frustrating, nail biting, "what the hell is going on" moments...i jacked up my car and discovered that my starter was not in place. There are two bolts that hold the starter to the automatic transmission and the top bolt had rattled out somewhere on the freeway on the way out to the track. Luckily, my family was on the way and they stopped at a place and bought a starter and the bolt and washer i was missing. I was delayed until 10am fixing the problem. It was nearly impossible to get a wrench on that top bolt (i have long tube hooker headers) so i hand tightened it and used thread locker. By 10:31 am i was making my first pass against a friend with a 2004 Mach I mustang. After the race, i found Joe in the pit area and had him pit next to me so that we could race eachother...

The first picture is of the timeslip for our race.
Joe ran a 13.204 @ 108.67mph with a reaction time of 0.341 and a 60' time of 2.120.
I ran a 12.272 @ 105.53mph with a reaction time of 0.044 and a 60' time of 1.810 (only 105mph because i forgot to turn on my electric fuel pump and my engine starved for fuel on the top end and i had to back out of it).

Joe had to leave by 12 noon, so that was the only race we had against eachother.

Afterward i had the best race ever! ...

A guy, named Rick, with a 2002 Trans Am Ram Air WS6 (license plate PHATWS6) had 26x11.5-15 Hoosier Slicks on the back of his car with Hoosier Skinnys on weld racing rims with a 12 bolt rear end with 3.73 gears with aftermarket heads, bigger lunati cam than me (.600 lift), injectors, intake, open dump exhaust and a 6 speed stick had just raced his best race ever: 11.945 @ 115mph (his first time breaking out of the 12s)...

some of you might remember that the last time i was out at the track, August 11, 2007 i ran 11s for the first time with a 11.989 @ 111.79mph

but this time out at the track i didnt have the skinny rims for the front of my car, instead i was racing with my 17x8 Chrome Cobra Rs with 245 tires pumped up to i knew i was really going to have to race well to beat Rick...

The second picture shows the timeslip for that race:
The WS6 ran 12.278 @ 116.50mph with a reaction time of 0.161 and a 60' of 1.976 (he spun his tires and hit the rev limiter)
I ran a 12.087 @ 112.81mph with a reaction time of 0.019 and a 60' of 1.775

This is my all time fastest speed, 112.81mph(previous 111.79mph)...if i would have had the skinny rims i might have run 11s again at 113mph.

What a great day at the track...despite the starter problem and 100 degree F temperature, i set a new record and won some impressive races.

Enjoy the pictures! and i will have a link to the video of the race in a few days
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