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GT/CS prices in Florida

I just returned to Michigan from a Florida vacation. I was amazed to see what GT/Cs's were selling for down there. There was a red one on eBay in Bradenton that I went to see. I don't know what it ended at but I am certain it didn't do the $30,000 he was wanting. Granted the car was outstanding and needed nothing but it was a small block with 10 year old paint.
I also stopped at a dealer called PJ's which had a white with red stripe non-original 390 GT/CS with the wrong grill, no fog's or hood pins and some rust around the edges. (it was a real CS but had been hit in the front). He was asking $21,900 and was non negotiable. He told me he had just sold a small block clone for $25,000 and he would get what he wanted for that one too. I was amazed. I am a licensed used car dealer and know when someone is feeding me a line. I actually believed him. If these cars are going to start bringing this kind of price. I may have to re-think buying the CS I have been teetering back and forth about.
What do you all think, are these cars finally going to start getting the recognition and dollars they deserve?
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