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I went to a fun cruise yesterday with a club called The Longroofs....(mostly station wagons...I've got a whopper of a longroof) And there were obviously a lot of regulars there as whenever the DJ called a raffle number or trophy winner the crowd would moan HE ALWAYS WINS! or....some other guy would yell I NEVER WIN! Was pretty funny....Paul,Zach and Steve are probably used to the first one!
I keep thinking someday I might get original interior for the amb....but somehow that always gets overlooked, but it cracks me up~~~Ya gotta have a sense of humor with that car.

Congratulations P,Z and S!!! RIGHT ON AMERICAN MUSCLE! FLEX 'EM!!

My GT/CS was my first car, still have it 44 years later. Paid $800. Featured in the May 1998 issue of Mustang Illustrated.
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