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Originally Posted by joedls View Post
It's going to be "Shelby, Pantera, Mustang" night. I'll be meeting up with several Boss 302s and caravaning from South Orange County. We'll be meeting up with several more Boss 302s there. I'm not sure which car I'll be taking. I've been kind of neglecting my convertible lately, so I may take that one.
Joe, there was a blue 1970 Boss 302 that belonged to the late Bear Smith, a former Blue Angels pilot who lived here in Grass Valley. It was bequeathed & shipped to someone in the LA area last September. I'm curious if it is one of those you will meet with... Please ask (if you suspect) if a person w/ that car knows Karen or Bear Smith. Karen is still here & I would love to show her pictures of the car. She used to enter it in various races years ago.

BTW, Did your friend receive his t-shirts?

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