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How to properly remove badly redone console pad re-finish

I bought a decent 68 automatic black console pad I'd like to restore. No rips or tears but in it's earlier life someone sprayed a black laquer or maybe rustoleum over the pad.It was originally black. The old redo dye is flaking and chipping off but not completely wanting to go away. My question is...what is the safest way to properly remove the old flaking finish of whatever it is without ruining the texture of the pad? Then, what is the best buzz can laquer black dye you've had luck with?
Since I'm on the 68 console pad subject...I contacted the company(can't remember it just now?) in CA I've heard people have used to reskin/restore console pads but the company says they can't replicate the stiching on the sides,just reskin the cover. Anyone ever use a company that does a real close resto on a 68 pad with proper seams?
thanks for the help!

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