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Originally Posted by robert campbell View Post
Kinda a bad time of the year to sell "fun in the sun" cars. In my experience Spring seems to be the hot time. The Portland Swap meet in April attracts a buyer who likes to see in person and deal with cash. And I mean lots of cash! I have seen purchases with stacks and stacks of bucks changing hands. A buyer who hates the internet and is old school.

My brother and I just did a purchase of a new driver vehicle for him. Cash on the barrel and a chance to meet the seller and see the truck. I don't know how people buy cars sight unseen??

...Couldn't have said it better! At the very most, do a nice colorful ad sans many details and instruct them to call you for questions, emailing more photos and an appt.... then answer the phone when they do!
This will also minimize online (armchair) nitpicking and maximize serious inquiries... It's better that You explain your high price (and standard) than some tire-kicker purist on the web.....

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