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Day 6-7 ... Doug severely tested!!

Been without internet so couldn't post recent trip details.

Yesterday (day 6- sat) saw me and Eric take "Doug" into San Francisco for a few hours.....we went to the piers and circled for 40 minutes for parking before giving up.
We drove down the famous Lombard street!! Yikes!! The going down was easy but the approach to get to the top of the street was sketchy!! To go down Lombard st. You must first climb the other side.....40 degrees slope and bumper to bumper cars inching forward. Lot of squealing tires as car try to roll forward from a standstill to move up street. Doug didn't squeal but came awfully close to scaring me in the overheating dep't.
We left sf on Golden Gate bridge and didn't get any photos since it was fogged in and there was too much traffic to access view point anyway.

Today, day 7 saw us drive along highway 1 (pacific Coast highway) for a couple of hours before cutting inland to hit interstate to make some miles.
The trip back inland was CRAZY!! A 40 mile stretch took 2 1/4 hours to drive since it was not much more than a paved goat trail. Brakes could be smelled as the fastest turn could be taken at 20 mph and the climbs made Doug gasp for a lower gear than 1st!
Don't get me wrong, I loved driving it for the challenge but Doug found it hard on the brakes since there was no way to take it any easier than I did!

After this insanity, we hit the interstate and piled on 300 miles before ending up in Medford Or. at 11 p.m.

Tomorrow should be an easy day with only about 300-400 miles total to do. Then a quick ferry ride to get over to Vancouver a Island where I hope to meet up with Steve Cracknell.


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