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Day 1......730 miles

My son and I are underway on our trip from Calgary Alberta to California and back up the Coast.

O.k. So day 1 was long and after pulling my hamstring 3 days ago, I assure you that I felt every mile. Man was I uncomfortable!!
Car drove well but needed oil on second fill up.....and again after third.....hmmmm! Get about 19-20 mpg. Went 268 miles on one tank and flirted with running out! It's ok though, I have 2.5 gals in trunk as emergency.

Tomorrow we had intended driving straight to Calif (another 750 miles) but I don't think I can do it again so we'll drive to Vegas and stay the night.....then we'll leave super early Tuesday and drive straight to Universal studios for opening at 9 a.m.

Ug, I'm tired already just thinking about it!

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